ESL Games for Kids - Digital version

"The Art of Making Your ESL Class a Fun and Unforgettable Experience"


Dear Teacher,
These days, like most teachers, you play a very important role in your students' lives. Maybe more than you realize!
The fact is, your students depend on you.  They spend time with you. They grow to know you and your lessons. Sooner or later they'll either love your class or resent it.

Ask yourself: What would happen if they got bored?

They may imply it. But they'll never say it. Your grammar and rules won't save you… if you bore them long enough they’ll leave you... they’ll just move on.

But if your class is stimulating and fun, your students will shine. Every lesson you teach will be fun. They'll look forward to your class.

That is how your ESL Students will Remember You for The Rest of Their Lives!

Get this book now and you will get more than 152 proven ideas and tips for your ESL class, including:

  • 100 ESL games for kids
  • How to teach the way the brain works - The '1, 2, 1-2, 3, 1-2-3, 4' technique and why your students will learn faster with it
  • The most common mistake made by both new and experienced teachers and how to avoid it
  • Listening exercises to keep your class under control
  • Exactly what and how to play in each situation
  • The easiest way to redirect the energy of your class toward your teaching goals
  • How to ensure even shy students participate
  • Follow these 41 rules... and you´ll become their favorite teacher EVER
  • How to adapt any of these games to your own curriculum
  • Fun "Short-cuts" to teach sentence structures so they finally learn them
  • Easy tricks to ensure they don't forget your lessons
  • The correct way to review your lessons
  • An almost laughably easy way to banish mistakes forever
  • Why it's so important to structure your lessons a certain way
  • A secret way to "enlist" the help of your students to teach your class
  • 5 “no-brainer” ways to teach the ABC’s
  • How to come up with new games and fun activities for any subject
  • A special way to know if your kids “know" or if they are just guessing it right
  • 5 “quick ways” to teach the shapes
  • How to avoid teasing and mockery
  • 3 overlooked ways to teach animal vocabulary
  • How to avoid embarrassing situations when playing games
  • Dynamic ways to teach the weather
  • An easy way to guarantee their attention
  • A single body language signal you need to see before you start a new lesson
  • 5 detailed strategies to teach the colors
  • A “can’t miss” way to teach home-chores
  • How to keep students coming back to your ESL class
  • Almost foolproof ways to teach new vocabulary
  • 3 Ingenious strategies to teach the body parts and clothes
  • How to kick low self esteem out of your classroom for good
  • How to recognize a confused student and how to empower them to learn
  • The easiest way to start playing a brand new game
  • 4 Funny ways to teach food vocabulary
  • A little known secret to play any game with adults
  • 4 proven ways to teach places and transportation vocabulary
  • The 20 fastest ways to teach kids how to count to a trillion and tell the time
  • 3 ways to teach the propositions that work like crazy
  • 3 interesting ways to teach adjectives

And more!

"If you care about your students learning, you must have, by now a clear idea of what this book can do for you. I put a lot of love into writing it and I know both you and your students will get a lot from it. Enjoy your teaching and keep making good memories!"

Teacher Karlee