A Proven Classroom Management System to Eliminate Anxiety, Increase Students' Participation and Become a Transformational ESL Teacher


Does this sound like you?

  • You want your students to participate and to learn from you.
  • You love what you do and you want to be better at it. You are passionate about teaching English.
  • You suspect that punishing and shouting will make things worse
  • You feel stuck. You don’t know where to start. You've tried different tips but don’t know what else to do.
  • You lost students in the past and don´t want that to happen again.
  • Maybe you've been teaching for awhile now and the old tricks don´t work anymore
  • You want to ways to deal with today's challenges and to get the results you want

If any of this resonates with you, then this program may be exactly what you need.

Put an End to Your Challenges Today

Try these "ESL Classroom Management Secrets" and
put an end to your frustrations.

"ESL Classroom Management Secrets"

Learn a step-by-step process to end frustrations and become an even better EFL teacher, without getting burnt out or having to spend extra time planning lessons.

Module 1: Tame Anxiety Before Class

Discover how anchors and triggers affect you and your students' behaviour. How 2 minutes a day can dramatically increase the authority of your teaching.


Module 2: Create a Safe Environment

Discover ways to create a space where your students feel comfortable and at ease. Your students will be excited to come to class knowing they are safe there. 

Module 3: Cut out Fear and Embarrassment

Imagine if you could consistently eliminate what makes your students freeze up or become embarrassed by their mistakes. How would your class be different?

Module 4: Support and Encouragement

How to get your students to connect with you and to collaborate with each other, so you never get an unmotivated student again.

Module 5: Celebrate All Wins

How to empower your students to aim higher and reach for their dreams. This will open new doors for your students and yourself.

Module 6: Building a Community

Learn ways to empower your students to help each other and to help you, so your job becomes much easier and more fun.

Module 7: How to Avoid Distractions

How to guarantee your students concentrate better, participate more, feel more confident and learn more effectively. 

Module 8: Grab and Keep Their Attention

You'll gain a sense of control as you become an expert at grabbing their attention and holding it for longer (without ever raising your voice nor losing your cool)

Module 9: Manage Their Energy

How to pace yourself and your students' energy levels so your lesson plans flow naturally. You'll learn how to captivate your students and keep them engaged during the whole class.

"Your material has definitely been a big component that has helped me become a better teacher. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your work and that it is very appreciated!! You look like you are an incredible teacher and one that I would love to learn more from."

Sarah Guimond
Teaching ESL in Lima, Peru

"I usually teach English to adults. Soon I will start with a 3 years old kids as well and your videos have been very helpful! "

Angie B. Gio
Teaching ESL in Italy

"I'm from Serbia and I'm an English teacher in one private school ! But I also work at home with my students from 9-10 years old I've made notes about your songs, how to use them in a classroom, you inspired me to learn more and seek new ideas! Thank you! "

Teacher Jelena
Teaching ESL in Servia

"The kids were so excited when we did the mystery bag and the other things you told me about I could see in their faces that they were happy and everyone wanted to participate."

Magna Loredo
Teaching ESL in Honduras

"This is based on what works in the classroom! Karlee is a dynamic and engaging teacher who makes learning fun."

Mary Card
Retired Teacher and Children's Librarian

Is This For You?

If you've ever seen or experienced any of these situations,
this training will have a huge impact on your class.

  • Have you ever lost their attention and had to fight to get it back?

  • Have you ever felt embarrassed or frustrated with their behavior?

  • Have you ever finished a day exhausted or almost in tears and you are close to your breaking point?

  • Have you ever felt nervous to meet with a parent or with the director because of something that happened?

  • Have you ever come across teasing, mocking, bullying or any type of drama?


Take a Look Inside:

The 9 pillars to carve a "dream class" regardless of where you are.

Module 1: Tame Anxiety Before Class

Anxiety is one of the enemies of learning. This will show you ways to avoid it, overcome it and transform it into a powerful state.
  • Boost their capacity: You'll learn a simple way to instantly boost your teaching power so your students don't suffer from "brain-freeze" anymore. 

    You'll be wondering what happened to those distracted kids that seemed impossible to teach.
  • Raise excitement: Put an end to bad behavior and get your students excited to be there. You'll learn about anchors and triggers and how they affect you and your class. Neutralize your daily challenges and have a smooth class.

    You won't believe how much more material you can cover when they actually follow your pace.
  • Cut their 'mental blocks' : A little known practical psychology trick that will free your students from “the prison of the mind” so they behave well and perform in their optimal learning state.

    Your classroom will become inviting, warm and cheerful!
  • Recharge your energy: You'll learn ways to tame anxiety before class and to calm yourself instantly. How to take mental breaks to recharge your energy and restore your patience again. You'll be more confident knowing you can handle anything.
  • Communicate better: You'll comunicate with your students more effectively, you'll stop forcing your voice, when you speak, you'll be more precise and as a result they'll understand you more easily. You won't need to talk as much because when you do, they'll be compelled to listen


Because, if you don't trust in your own abilities and second guess yourself, everything seems harder. However, when you have a formula to unleash your best state, you tap into your brilliant resources and whatever you do becomes easier.

What's great about all this is that you'll learn to use all these techniques on yourself too.

  • You'll be able to think on your feet much faster, react faster, more acurately, with a spark of fun and positive expectation in everything you do.
  • You'll become even more awesome, not just in your classroom but in all areas of your life!
  • You'll become a more confident, happy human being.
  • Your students will get to know you and respect you for who you are, that includes your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You'll learn how to let go of mistakes from the past and become the transformational role model you know you can be to your students.

You can use the same principles to help your shy students come out of their shells and speak up more.

Module 2: Create a Safe Space

Have you ever had to deal with emotional issues during or after class?

  • Design your space: You'll discover ways to create a self managed space, where you'll feel comfortable and in control.

    You'll feel at home and at ease while you teach because you'll be an expert at dealing with interruptions, getting their attention and directing their focus
  • Tweak classroom dynamics: You'll discover a quick way to instantly make any student feel like a million bucks! Students will participate and practice English more.

    Magic happens when they learn to support and collaborate with each other.

    It's impressive when they celebrate their successes and encourage each other, they'll expect each other to succeed and they will not give up on their classmates.
  • Stop the bullying: You'll learn a way to turn 'mob behavior' into systematic, automatic encouragements. No more complains from parents about their kids being bullied, no more tears, no more mockery.

    No more hidding from fear of making a mistake – Instead you'll have to ask your students to tone down their excitement – trust me... you will.

    This is like in the movie “pay it forward” it keeps giving and giving… even years after the class has ended.
  • Solidify the bond: In this training you will find ways to get your students to bond closer together and to build a lasting friendship outside of your class – They'll keep themselves accountable for showing up to class (they won't even need to because nobody will want to miss a class).

    No missed classes mean you can go through your lesson plan faster.
  • Eliminate yawning: You'll discover the 2 types of classroom interactions you need to have in order to manage their energy levels – Do this and you'll never see students yawning in class again.
  • The 80/20 rule: Do you ever lose your voice? (aka - have a sore throat at end of day?) You'll find a safe and controlled way to get students to teach one another and collaborate in their learning experience so they do 80% of the talking during class.

Module 3: Cut out Fear and Embarrassment 

  • Ban mistakes: What you are going to learn here will give you the closest thing to a teaching superpower – how to teach students to make peace with their mistakes. Your students will become unbreakable – their fears of making a mistake will become a thing of the past. 

    They'll instantly feel an overwelming sense of inner power and pride. This tiny change will have a huge impact in your classroom and your students will love you for this.

    Your class will be free of anxiety, frustration, anger and temper tantrums... they'll take more chances and if they make a mistake, they'll react in a completely different way.

    All because you'll protect your students from guilt, shame, regrets and from the need to play the “blame game”.
  • Reverse shyness: By the time you are done with this training, embarrasement will be vanished from your class.

    Instead, your students will feel warm and welcomed, free to express their values, individuality and dreams and will have a chance to shine in their own particular way.

    You'll see how even the shiest of students start to participate... and when you see the miracles happen... you'll know “you've made it”. You'll have impacted their lives forever.
  • Game changers: You'll learn a way to convert each mistake into a powerful milestone. This trick alone turned a drama queen into a confident young lady.


These techniques you'll implement in your classroom will have a huge impact.

Not only during class, also in their personal lives. You'll start to hear the success stories over and over again. Real world examples of how they implemented what you taught them.

You'll start getting the thank you letters, the “I love you teacher" drawings, the “good morning smiles”, the afternoon “I missed you hugs” and the “I can't wait for next class” waves.

Module 4: Support and Encouragement

  • Plan for flow and engagement: Your lesson plans will naturally flow, because what you do will be more exciting and engaging. You will boost their confidence time again because you'll ask questions in a way they are bound to get the correct answer.

    Do this right and you'll never see an unmotivated student again – ever! 
  • Make it easy: Do you have good days and bad days? Would you like to know how to change a bad day into a good one? I'll show you a step-by-step way to do it. If you teach this to your students, they will remember you for the rest of their lives.

    Why? They'll learn to take every little win and turn it into a series of bigger and bigger successes.
  • Avoid saying this 1 word: The one word you need to avoid during your whole class - Wash your own mouth with dish soap before you say this word to anybody – including yourself.

    Avoid it if you want your students to collaborate with you, connect with you and understand your point of view.
  • Pinpoint their motivation: You'll learn a process to pinpoint their motivational 'hot buttons' and the single, most powerful question you need to ask every one of your students. (Once you know the answer you'll motivate them on demand.)

Module 5: Celebrate all Wins

  • Increase student's confidence: Boost your students' self confidence - your students will participate more and as a result they will learn more effectively. They will learn to believe in themselves and their capabilities.
  • You 2.0: You will learn a powerful tool used by olympic athletes when they absolutely have to perform at the top of their game. Is this overkill?

    Maybe. But the scientific research proves that doing this everyday has life changing effects. You'll be more confident from the inside out, as a result you'll connect the dots and find solutions to your challenges much faster.

    People will think you have a natural authority and charisma... people will trust you more. You will trust yourself more!

    And this goes beyond the school environment because these improvements have a physical, visible effect on you.

    From the inside out.
  • Improve their concentration: You'll know what you are doing is working because your students will concentrate better and focus more during class.

    They will feel confident and as a result, they'll be more motivated to study. They'll leave with a smile and come back with a smile.
  • Communicate better: You'll communicate with your students more effectively. You'll stop forcing your voice when you speak. You'll be more precise and as a result they'll understand you better. 

    You won't need to talk as much because when you do, they'll FEEL they have to listen.

Module 6: Bulding a Community

  • Change student's behavior: How to use the power of identification, assumptions and expectations to change your students behavior for the better. You will suddenly feel like you were put into a completely different class, with the best version of your current students.

    And when somebody steps out of line… you'll be able to take a step back and watch the way they solve the issue on their own. You'll wonder what happened to the crisis you used to have everyday.

    This is the classroom philosophy in action.
  • Harvest the results: You'll learn how to structure your lessons in a way that sparks their curiosity and ignites their motivation. Trust me, parents and other teachers will recognize the difference you've made in their lives.

    When students start recommending you to their friends with a smile, when other students demand to be in your class... you'll feel like a rock star!

    Once you find out their likes and dislikes and deliver your lessons based on that... you'll shift the mood of the class on command. You'll be at the top of your game and feeling awesome.
  • Become a role model: Learn the most important lesson you can teach your students if you want them to be happier now and in the future. You will have a tremendous impact in everything they do.

    You'll open new doors for them, allow them to aim higher, to reach for their dreams and to have a strong inner compass ... regardless of what anyone says.


Your students will take on responsibility for their own learning. You will be able to relax knowing that they accepted the challenge of learning English.

And what's the secret behind all this success?

There is only one explanation - You.

The changes you implemented had a huge impact. Even if they were fast and easy.

Module 7: How to Avoid Distractions

Do you need to get better control of your class?

  • Define your philosophy: You'll learn the two almost unknown secrets (one mental, one emotional) you need to know to have a successful classroom philosophy. (These are crucial secrets to stop losing students.)
  • Eliminate teasing: You'll learn how to shield your students against teasing – You'll be amazed once you get these results. They'll participate and practice lots, they'll show recognition and support, they'll celebrate their successes and encourage each other, they'll expect everyone to succeed and they will not give up on each other.

    They'll have a deep desire to collaborate and work together.

Module 8: Grab and Keep Their Attention

  • Hold their attention and interest: I'll show you some "brain hacking techniques" you can use anytime to grab their attention and to maintain their interest alive.

    You'll learn how to ask questions that capture their interest and gives them an instant boost of motivation
  • Outsouce your teaching: How encouraging chit chatting can put you back in control of your class – You'll get your students teaching each other and making your job much easier.
  • Have you ever wondered if they were actually listening? Now you'll have a way to know for sure. You'll know without a margin of a doubt that they are mentally with you... 100%

    We all know the huge amount of time we waste repeating ourselves over and over again or asking for silence because they just don't listen... Right?

    Reverse that situation now.
  • Recover their attention: You will discover a proven way to grab your students' attention faster, hold it for longer and without ever raising your voice nor losing your cool... and if you do lose their attention, you'll know exactly how to get it back - every time.

    Once you implement these principles, you'll become an attention getting magnet for all the right reasons. Because you'll learn 2 ways to recover their attention fast.


Because once you implement these techniques, you`ll be able to say things once and they WILL listen.

Module 9: Manage Their Energy

Do you have the impresion that nobody appreciates the effort you put into preparing for your class?

  • Manage their energy: The 2 types of classroom interactions you need to have to balance their energy.

    Do this and you'll never have to raise your voice again. You will understand, recognize and utilize their ever changing levels of energy – You'll be able to use it, control it high or low and redirect it on command.

    If in the past you struggled to fight against it, now you'll benefit from its force.
  • Save your energy: You'll see how to implement the principle of mental inercia in your classroom so you can have an extra reserve of energy for when you need it the most – If you finish your days exausted or need a coffee after 3pm… this is for you.
  • Establish rituals: You'll learn how to design an energy roller-coster so your students follow your lead. You'll learn the importance of teaching rituals and routines and how to use them to set the tone of your class, even if you are not a structured teacher.

You are Getting the Exact System Responsible for Attracting 1139 Students in Just 2 Years...

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  3. Go through the modules in order because they build on each other. You'll find all modules easy-to-implement.  Try it now. You'll transform your class.

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