Is Teaching English to Tweens Driving You Crazy?

Are you frustrated because your class is out of control and disrespectful?  

You are not alone. I used to have the same problem. Until I took a chance and tried something different.

Something I learned at a team-building event and never thought it would work in a classroom. 

But it did! It worked wonders for me and I really hope it will do the same for you. 

I'd like to share my discovery with you. I made a video to tell you all about it. You can watch it for free.

  • You'll get the steps to go from an out-of-control classroom, to earning their respect, to creating a powerful bond with your students.
  • You'll learn how to transform your classroom into a collaborative learning environment.
  • You'll feel more confident, respected and in control.

If you've tried everything you can think of but your students still don't listen to you...  then this is for you.

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