How to Motivate Your Students to Learn a Language (It's not what you think)

Most language students claim to know nothing. They say that learning is hard and that they are not good at it. They lose motivation quickly because they get bored or frustrated.

Students recognize the need to learn a language. So... they register for a class and after some lessons they give up. In my experience, this is due to 3 main reasons:

  1. Their mindset
  2. Their motivation
  3. Their experience during class


Let me explain...

  1. The Mindset - The F.A.S.T. state of mind (Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Threat)

In order to free students from their 'mental prison', you need to help them eliminate those negative emotions.

During this training, you’ll learn some hands-on activities to overcome each of these 4 negative states of mind.

  • A way to help students relax and calm their minds quickly
  • A way to overcome and change their negative beliefs about learning a language
  • Specific things you need to say to encourage your students without sounding like an annoying cheerleader.



  1. Your students will be motivated if they believe they can succeed. You’ll learn how to achieve that by:
  • Transforming your class into a community and a support network.  
  • Make learning easy and inevitable by structuring your lessons around these proven language tricks.
  • Using ways to get your lessons to stick in their brains so they remember them more easily



Here is a video explaining ... better yet... get them to motivate themselves! 




3. Your student’s past experiences in the classroom may have set off a landmine of negative emotions. Show them a way out and they’ll gladly keep coming to your class.


  • They expect the class to be boring. So do the opposite. You’ll learn ways to “switch it up” and make your class unique.
  • They expect to be sitting for hours on the same chair, listening to a monotone voice and writing in their notebooks. During this training, you’ll learn games and activities that even adults look forward to! In fact, it may become their favorite part of the day!
  • They expect to be subjected to drills, repetition, memorization and what they perceive as educational torture. Spare them the suffering. You’ll learn how to create a unique learning experience where lessons are fun, dynamic and memorable.



Your students will be motivated to come to class and keep coming. They will recommend your class to others because learning a language has become easier and more fun!

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Keep learning, laughing and loving,



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