ESL Teacher Tips: Attention Getters


It's frustrating as an ESL teacher when your students don't pay attention to you or are loud and disruptive.

Here's a little trick I use that magically calms your class down so you can take back control in a respectful way.

The bonus is... it also calms you when you're feeling a bit stressed in class!

If you teach English as a Second Language and you're feeling a bit stressed... just relax, I've got a solution for you! :-)

I've created a training program called:

ESL Classroom Management Secrets: 9 PIllars to Creating Your Dream Class

Here are just a few highlights of what you'll learn:

  • A powerful strategy to transform your classroom from the inside out.
  • 5 techniques to CATCH your students' attention and KEEP it
  • How to MOTIVATE your students so they participate more in English 

It's time to stop feeling tired, disappointed and frustrated in your ESL class. I'll show you a simple step-by-step strategy you can implement right away.

You can get ESL Classroom Management Secrets here!

Keep learning, laughing and loving,

How to Become an Unforgettable Teacher!

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